‘It’s a Girl!’
solo exhibition by Sarah Maple
curated by Beverley Knowles

9th February – 9th March 2012

Aubin Gallery
64-66 Redchurch Street

Aubin Gallery is pleased to present ‘It’s A Girl’, a major exhibition of new works by Sarah Maple curated by Beverley Knowles.
The exhibition runs from 9th February – 9th March 2012.

Sarah Maple’s artwork is unfailingly bold and brave, not for the coy or faint of heart. These unflinching, occasionally even controversial, investigations into what it is to be a woman and a Muslim in 21st century Britain are made joyful by her own very personal brand of boisterous, tongue-in-cheek humour. This is not sensationalism for sensationalism’s sake, but rather a heart felt urge by a twenty-seven-year old artist of great sincerity and talent, for the viewer to look again, and this time with a more questioning eye, at traditionally accepted notions of identity, gender, culture and religion.


photographs Alana Lake

Sarah Maple talks to Alice Jones

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