NOW ON: Danny Sangra, Leather Bitch at Stuart’s Aubin Gallery space in East London.


7 JULY – 11 AUGUST 2011


Wed – Sat 11am – 6pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

E2 7DP



We are delighted to announce a new, large-scale, solo exhibition by one of the UK’s most celebrated creative polymath’s, Danny Sangra.

Titling the show after a feverish food poisoning episode on his way out to Big Sur, Danny recollects a vivid dream of leather jackets hanging on a white wall. ‘Leather Bitch’ will be the first conclusive overview of the entire breadth of Sangra’s practice.

Akin to a one-man group show, encompassing an eclectic mix of objects, this exhibition spans each aspect of his output including new film pieces, drawings and paintings.

‘Leather Bitch’ also signals a new direction for Danny in that the multifaceted approach to his work finally amalgamates within the gallery environment to create a rich and varied texture in which convey his narratives.

Through a collage-like presentation of his thought processes, ‘Leather Bitch’ is underscored by a firm commitment to drawing. It’s within that fluid like bravura technique that the artist achieves continuity amongst his chaotic and disorderly tales. The Sangra storyline is simultaneously a physical and a cultural journey. Signposted by a personal symbology he is able to incorporate references to Calvin and Hobbs, his hairdresser mother, past lovers and previous artistic projects. It’s within this fleeting myriad that Danny’s conceptual process is illuminated which in turn enables us to understand the foundations for his decisive film work.

‘Leather Bitch’ incorporates collections of illustrations, drawings and re-appropriated found objects. Danny’s reclamation of the existing enables him to transpose make-believe  histories into his own pseudo-nostalgia as is evident in his boxed leather jackets. These in turn become a whimsical take on the art object itself as some kind of memorabilia. The overtones of his trip to Big Sur re-appear and his distant youthful interest in Americana in all its guises makes a heartfelt appearance. At opposing poles, geekiness and coolness collide and the line becomes inextricably blurred. In Danny’s hands daydreams and fantasism become empowering tools in which to magically fashion the future.

Throughout the show emotive and personal moments surface, not least in his recent video piece ‘too late too early’, a beautifully crafted, cinematic anti-romance. His video portraits have a compassionate voyeurism to them that really seems to preserve the natural essence of his subjects and in his piece ‘The cereal box kid’, childhood imagination is given free reign to materialize as reality.

Danny Sangra works across design, film, illustration and video/art direction, often with an iconoclastic approach. After studying graphic design at Central St Martins he went on to have solo exhibitions in London, Europe, Tokyo and New York.
Sangra has worked and collaborated with Sony, BBC, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Showstudio, V Magazine & Nylon. He’s also launched his own knitwear collection ‘AMS’, alongside Lynnda Needles. Danny has also recently directed music videos for the Pigeon Detectives, Baxter Dury and Rowdy Superstar.