My new book for £1 for my friends only…



Thanks for being interested in my new book and stopping by.

I’m really really exited (and a bit nervous) my book is out in a couple of days

It’s a colouring book and a flip book at the same time.


It’s got 250 pages of animated colouring, it’s for all ages and I’ve made it to be pocket sized so you can take it on your travels. 

I really wanted my friends to have it before anyone else so I’ve sorted out a coupon with amazon so can have a review copy for a quid. (normally £9.99).

We’ve only got 100 copies available at a pound, so if you’d like one please grab it! Once 100 have gone the coupon will no longer work.

Colouring is a therapeutic activity, it really has been proven to reduce stress and tension and there’s a big movement in adult colouring at the moment. I’m a massive believer in the power of Art Therapy and a few years ago I got together with Mind (the mental health charity in England and Wales) to create a creative therapy fund. £1 from each copy of the book sold goes to Mind, so I am really hoping it will do well.


The pound you spend on the book today will be going to Mind, so in advance THANK YOU. You know I appreciate it. 

I’d really love your opinion on what I’ve made and hope I can rely on you to leave an honest review of the book on amazon once you get it please.

I can’t wait to see what you make with the book too please share your creations online with hashtag: #HAPPYBOOK

If you’d like to be one of the first to have my book and give it a test drive for a *pound and you are happy to post a review please pop your email address** in the box and on the next screen you’ll be given a coupon code for amazon.



Thank you and enjoy it!


PS – please don’t share the link to this page with people I don’t know online. This really is a friends only coupon. Thanks very much.

*Normal RRP 9.99. Your Pound will be going to support Mind, the mental health charity in England and Wales (Mind is a registered charity number 219830)
**Don’t worry! We arn’t going to spam you or anything, we’ll just be in touch to check you got your book ok and remind you to leave your review.