Phoenix Magazine - The Gold, Silver & Bronze Issue for Summer 2012

Issue 7, The Gold, Silver & Bronze Issue for summer 2012 is now out in all good newsagents.


Stuart Semple takes a stroll through the V&A’s blockbuster 2012 design show, natters with Michael Craig Martin about Being Damien Hirst’s teacher, how financial success can confuse the issue of making art and the impact of technology on his work. Stuart also profiles 4 new art contenders… LuckyPDF, Sarah Maple, James Howard, Marcus Coates and Nicky Carvel.

As you may have guessed, we’re thinking about the global sports day that is coming to London village, but in true PHOENIX style, we’re broaching the subject from a slightly different viewpoint. So contained in this issue you’ll find us exploring everything from the literal to the abstract, including glossy metallics, retro collegiate wear, high-impact beauty, the cultural identity of the capital’s districts; as well as a Culture section packed full of exclusive interviews and features by our expert editors.


– Including the stunning women’s shoot “Chain Reaction” as shot by Cody Burridge

– Beauty looks inspired by the distinct style tribes of London’s boroughs

 – Including interview with brand new soul diva EJ

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