Originally published in Art of England magazine

Jake & Dinos Chapman

Jake & Dinos Chapman


Wood and paint

36 1/4 x 22 13/16 x 19 5/16 in. (92 x 58 x 49 cm)
Photo: Stephen White
Courtesy White Cube

@Jake_Chapman: What are you excited about at the moment?

@StuartSemple: We’re very excited about our upcoming retrospective at Tate St Ives, the show is called ‘From YBA to OAP’.

@Jake_Chapman: Do you think humans are giving silicon based technologies too much free reign. Could we be ruled by robots soon?

@StuartSemple: Humans are not in any position to give free reign to anything other than the delusion of free reign to those who believe in freedom. Also, we suspect that robots might have more going for them to be obsessed with the control of humans – in fact its a little quaint to hope humans would remain the subject of robotic consciousness at all…

@Jake_Chapman:  Can I have 144 characters of wisdom for Middle Britain?

@StuartSemple: Die.

@Jake_Chapman: Is there such a thing as a Happy Meal?

@StuartSemple: In Eritrea all meals are Happy Meals.

@Jake_Chapman: If Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens and a place on earth where exactly is hell?

@StuartSemple: First left, second right, straight on, over the bridge, down the lane, second left, right at the traffic lights.

@Jake_Chapman: How long did the video on your website take you to make?

@StuartSemple: Its disgusting.

@Jake_Chapman: In Meatphysics you raise an important question. When you are hungry where do you go? Where do YOU go when you’re hungry?

@StuartSemple: When I am hungry I go to my fridge.

@Jake_Chapman: You’re both fathers, do you have any tips?

@Stuart_Semple: Make sure you put in it the right hole.