Originally published in Art of England magazine

Wed 20th Jan 2010: Another Diffuse, Sodden, Drizzly Day…
Filled With A Mixture Of Maggots And Roses.
Series: Studio Wall Drawing
Medium: Mixed media on watercolour paper
Dims: (H) 1570 x (W) 1260
Date: July 2010
Photography credit: Ian Parsons Photography
Courtesy of the artist Keith Tyson

@StuartSemple: What are you excited about at the moment?
@KeithTyson: About the exhibition of 52 paintings that will be shown in New York in December. It will be at Pace and called “52 variables” … and about the studio wall drawing i am intending to do later today.
@StuartSemple: Red or Black and why?
@KeithTyson:both are good if you are on them.
@StuartSemple: What do you hate about art?
@KeithTyson: I don’t ….that drawing was missing a the suffix “world” at the end. its the Artworld that’s full of ponzi-scheme merchants and narcissists, not art – that’s neutral and I love it.
@StuartSemple: How do you feel about Eyjafjallajokull?
@KeithTyson: glad it got it off its chest
@StuartSemple: Is mathematics better than art at describing our universe?
@KeithTyson: Maths is the study of relations and patterns. The universe is full of interdependent phenomenon that have different properties, some are visual, some are deep and numerical but both aesthetic.
@StuartSemple: Can art describe maths?
@KeithTyson: I guess it could but why would it want to?
@StuartSemple: What do you think about as the clouds float by?
@KeithTyson: Clouds are amazing things because they are not really things but parts of a dynamic pretending to be things. They don’t have edges and are constantly changing. They are “honest objects” but i tend to think mainly about how they look like chickens or goats etc…
@StuartSemple: Large Hadron Collider and 2012 are we doomed?
@KeithTyson: yes, we are all doomed but it has nothing to do with either lhc nor 2012.
@StuartSemple: If you could have discovered or invented anything what would it have been?

@KeithTyson: an amazing answer to this question…..