Stuart Semple x Aubin & Wills
Merino wool
Edition of 100

Stuart Semple has collaborated with the eccentric British clothing brand Aubin & Wills to design the ultimate Christmas cardigan inspired by his late grandfather who encouraged his creativity as a child. Only created in a very limited edition of 100 in pure Merino wool, each is numbered and hand signed with a packet of runner bean seeds to plant at home.

Encapsulating Stuart’s childhood memories of gardening tools and flowerpots, the cardigan features a Fair Isle pattern with a shawl collar and chunky buttons. Designed for both men and woman in a slouchy oversized fit, the piece has deep pockets where Stuart’s Grandfather stored his supply of tissues.

“I wanted to create this piece in memory of my Grandfather, and was inspired by a gardening cardigan that he use to wear. We used to spend many a rainy afternoon together in one of those lovely sheds for limited space, planting runner beans and making all sorts of wonderful things, from birdhouses to chess sets and magic tricks. I still to this day wear one of the blue football buttons from this very cardigan on a string around my neck.”

£165 £119 each SOLD OUT online
Limited stock available via selected london stores