Curated by Stuart Semple

Nicky Carvell
Richard Galloway
The Girls
David Hancock
Alana Lake
Sarah Maple
Appau Junior Boakye-Yiadom

21st May 2010 – 21st June 2010

“Be childish. Be irresponsible. Be disrespectful. Be everything this society hates.”
-Malcolm McLaren

His words could be no more appropriate than at this precise time, Britain is closer in feeling to the pre-punk cusp than ever before. These artists work with a playful, disrespectful untangling of conventions that undermine British traditions themselves, a loss of which this society fears the most. As you get close to corroding these ideological anchors, our population writhes with anger yet a snide nonchalance and punkish distain for them is celebrated. Is it here we truly find the birth of British subcultures?

The Aubin Gallery

64-66 Redchurch Street, E2