Thursday was rock out night as the Semple clan headed down to catch The New York Dolls. The glam-punk maestros are still slapping on the guyliner and strapping on the heels with age defying gusto which, even if their music isn’t your Marmite, has to be saluted. Yessir.

Stalking the stage at an awesome venue sculpted in the tunnels of Waterloo, The Old Vic Tunnels, their wonderous poster seen above was hand carved by the graphic design wizardry of studio friend miss Candy Wall, whose peroxided scalp was last seen pogo-ing down the front of the show. No surprises there though, it’s in her genes; both her parents were punks y’see.

Still it wasn’t just about the wrinkly walruses doing their thang, we were getting groupie-like excited over The Shoestrung. A young foursome whose fresh faces flout the ballsy blues that permeates from their pores. Ugh, yes, I forgot apparently shamelessly sixties drenched guitar music isn’t cool anymore. Well balls to that, kick back with a double jack and coke to these kids and you’ll soon realise they will be scrawling the summer of love message in permanent marker all over our craniums in the coming months. We’ve been salivating over the drawling rawk mongerings in the studio for a few weeks now and it looks like Stuart may be doing some work with them. Excited to say the least.

As enamoured as we are however this band has certainly found its first uber fan in the shape of Stuart’s gallerist Mandy from Hong Kong. She flew over especially for the show, landing in London the afternoon of the gig and flying back to HK a mere 24 hours later. That girl must have some serious shares in Berocca to keep going like that, lord knows I’m pooped after the morning journey from Crouch End to Camberwell. But maybe that’s just a London thing. Think we’ll need some serious stocks of pro plus to keep up with her when we hit Hong Kong May time…I best get purchasing now.

Old Vic Tunnels from the back