You can catch Stuart Semple speaking at the following forthcoming events.

Saturday 6th Feburary 2016 – Southbank Center London as part of their Changing Minds season.

Southbank Center changing mindsPanel discussion with  musician Jamie Baker, presenter and BBC journalist Attika Choudhary. Chaired by Dr Ike Anya.

In which the panel will discuss ‘Misunderstanding Mental Illness’. Though mental illness affects one in four people, stigma is often still attached to even the most common of conditions. Why do negative stereotypes of mental illness still persist, and what can we all do to paint a more sympathetic picture?

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February 19th, Magdalen College, Oxford. ‘Manning Up?’

Oxford Uni Grove AuditoriumWhy is it so difficult for men to talk about mental health problems? Cultural expectations of men, and the supposedly contradictory natures of vulnerability and masculinity are believed to counteract against many men’s likelihoods of seeking advice and support. Too often, boys and men are told to ‘man up’ instead of dealing with mental health issues and seeking help.

There are some startling figures which highlight these cultural failures. For example, whilst 72% of people treated for depression are women, 75% of people who take their own lives are men, with suicide being the single most common cause of death in men below the age of 35.

Furthermore, men with mental health problems are also at greater risk of homelessness, are more likely to suffer from alcohol and drug addictions, and are far more involved with the criminal justice system, with men representing 95% of the prison population.

NB: Mind Your Head Campaign defines a man as anyone who partially or wholly identifies as a man.

Panel discussion with Author, vlogger, and mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin. Bitish concert pianist, blogger, UCL psychology graduate, and presenter  James Rhodes, Stelios Kiosses, Psychotherapist and presenter of Channel 4’s ‘The Hoarder Next Door’.

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14th March, The Pod, Coventry – Facilitating an audience with James Charnley

12507225_451594911710986_6102528769284773464_nStuart will discuss Brian Charnley’s work & legacy with his brother, James Charnley. This event forms part of the launch of the Scratch The Surface (Mental Health Arts Festival) by the Collective//Pod, alongside an exhibition of Brian Charnley’s work which is supported by the Brian Charnley Trust.

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