The studio’s a buzz with activity today, Stuart’s been plotting exciting things with some creatives over chocolate croissants and coffee all morning. It’s great to listen in and reconfirm what an exciting time we’re living in. Many people cuss the inevitable digital revolution of the art world, avoiding any technological advancements as if dodging a pack of rabid werewolves drunk on full moon juice. Preferring to stick to the geriatric type rules of making and selling laid out Medici era in the Renaissance, albeit revolutionary as they were then, now it’s hard sometimes to get people on track when electronic innovation is key to an idea.

Don't Stop Believing

This thought erupted when perusing some of the old blogs on this here site – the importance of embracing technology and the wonderful experimentations, advancements, and products, it can bring. In 2009 Stuart released robot drawing 1, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. A piece manufactured by a robot that had been programmed to reproduce Stuart’s mark-making and drawing style it was launched back in 2009 to coincide with his first solo show in New York, ‘Everlasting Nothing Less’ at the Anna Kustera gallery. A metaphorical, and literal, illustration in both embracing and critiquing technology, here Stuart took it a step further going by letting technology create a piece of art signed by his hand.

However it wasn’t only this piece that set my brain cogs whirring, the exciting readings of the previous install at the Anna Kustera New York gallery, when Stuart curated and was part of the group show The Black Market, also pricked up my ears.

Show install

There’s always something really enthralling about entering a bare walled space. Devoid of any personality pre show ready for install the smell of the fresh paint on the bare walls, the sound of the drills revving up ready for hole making and the promise and undeniable stress that comes with creating a super show in the space of a few days. Then there’s the buzz of anticipation as the last finishing touches are cemented

I say this as we’re currently plotting some very exciting solo shows for Stuart. Having created scale models of the spaces I’m already starting to get giddy on the thought of wall emulsion fumes and hand drill dust. It might also be because tomorrow sees the opening of Aubin Gallery’s new show, MASS. I was at the space yesterday watching the install manifest itself and the works are looking really exciting. Questioning the role of celebrity and the media in this post modern apocalypse we find ourselves in it’s a submersive trip into what the future may hold if we carry on consuming mass culture and celebrity like we do now. There’s even a piece from lil’ old me in it.

MASS flyer