We’ve built a Happiness HQ at the Dairy Block in Denver!

As part of the wider Happy City project in Denver, we teamed up with our friends Nine Dot Arts, The Syrup Room and the Dairy Block.

Together we created Happiness HQ a space where visitors can participate in making art together, jump in a pool of stuffed toys, see original paintings and play with unique paints I made inspired by my time in Denver.

We wanted to make a space where all sorts of people could come together and connect over art and creativity, so I made some giant colouring canvases and some new paints. Visitors are invited to sit together, chat, make new friends and contribute to the exhibition.

Meanwhile, I’ve also made a new video piece for the show called ‘Imperfect Human’, the piece is presented as a hologram in which I change from bored to faking enthusiasm whilst singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.

We also built a small pop-up store for all the art materials I’ve been making, there you can see them all, from the Pinkest pink, to the mattest black, light emitting pigment LIT, and all the other powders and potions.

Inside you’ll also find some new soft sculptures and a few other surprises!

Happiness HQ is open now through to 20th June.

I really hope you enjoy it!

With love, Stuart x



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