A series of public art interventions and collaborations throughout Denver exploring happiness until 30th June 2018.

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For the last couple of years I’ve been collaborating with various groups, organisations, collaborators and artists in Denver Colorado. Together, we’ve been exploring ways in which public participatory art can bring people together to foster a sense of connection, reduce fear and nurture a sense of lasting happiness. As such we’ve come up with a series of public art interventions together that act on the 3 pillars of happiness, these being CREATIVITY, CONNECTION and MINDFULNESS. You guys will know that my work deals a lot with fear and anxiety, how that is exacerbated by media, mass culture, technology and increasingly in the architecture and fabric of public space. In Denver you’ll find mass HAPPY CLOUD (artificial smiley faced eco clouds) releases from major public landmarks including Red Rocks, Denver Art Museum and a network of public libraries, an EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE DROP, in the main train staton, Union Station. An immersive art exhibition at the Dairy Block called ‘Happiness HQ’, in which you can jump in a pool of stuffed animals, say hello to me as a hologram, sit with strangers and create art with a paint palette inspired by Denver itself. You can even collaborate with me on a limited edition wax crayon rubbing. You’ll find local artists taking over neglected alleyways, an a brand new monumental public sculpture from me. Alongside a whole program of talks, workshops and discussions. I’ve also made some gigantic inflatables so keep your eyes out for them popping up over the Denver metro area. At the end of it all, we’re shutting down the street for a massive dance party! with a new inflatable jumping floor. If you want to find out what’s happening where and when be sure to download the official happy city map here. And check out the full happyCityArt.com micro site. I really hope you all enjoy it and I can’t wait to bring happy cities to other parts of the world soon. Love Stuart x
PS – thanks to all the supporters, collaborators and sponsors. So many of you have been involved over the years… I’ll do my best to remember you all…. Castle, Katie, Annie, Martha, David E and David M, Black Cube, Nine Dot Arts, GRANT! Josh & Jamie, Tani. The Denver Theatre District, Downtown Denver Partnership. Noah. Community First Foundation. The libraries. Project Helping! Volunteers at the HQ,. Sarah. Demiurge. Arts and Venues. Michael. Kent. And all the others…. love you all.

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