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On the morning of 1st September Stuart Semple will unveil his latest public art project ‘Something Amazing’ simultaneously across 6 UK cities:

  • Chelmsford: High Street
  • Glasgow: Royal Exchange Square
  • London: Golden Square
  • Nottingham: Bridlesmith Gate
  • Oxford: Radcliffe Square
  • Southampton: West Quay

The project, commissioned by The Fertility Partnership, aims to raise awareness of the lack of female egg donors in the UK. For ‘Something Amazing’ Stuart is creating a series of sculptural pieces, and limited edition print work.

You can watch a behind the scenes video of Stuart preparing the project here:

Making Something Amazing

On the day, Stuart will distribute 1000 signed and numbered limited edition screen prints on foil balloons. But there’s a catch! If you get one you need to pass it on!

The act of sharing the balloons is hoped to generate discussion around the idea of sharing something valuable and precious with another.

Stuart Says:

“If more women knew they could do it [egg donation], then I think they would. But of course it’s a big ask. It’s the most altruistic and full on thing a woman can do.”

More info:

Or read the article in the Independent:

The Independent Online

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