We have almost finished building this for everyone!

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Hello… I thought it would be a good idea to use the time in lockdown productively, so we’ve all been working super hard to create the world’s first Virtual Art Museum for everyone! It’s a place where you can see seminal work on loan from major real world institutions alongside brand new pieces by some of the most cherished contemporary artists working today! I can’t tell you how much work, and what a steep learning curve this has been but I’m so greatful for the unbelievable colaborators that have come onboard to make this happen! I’ve been lucky enough to work with totally inspired architects, curators, CGI artists and game desgners. VOMA is almost finished and it’s ready for you to see here:


BUT I desperately need your help with the last stage of making this dream come true so that we can share VOMA with everyone for free! #VOMAneedsYou

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