Federation Square
St Paul’s Court


JUMP, the public art installation is a 100 meter square inflatable sculpture and accompanying video piece, commissioned as the latest in a chain of projects within Fed Square’s Creative Program of site-specific public works.


“I think that as we get older we tend to lose a connection to the fun, spontaneous child that we once were, finding reasons and excuses not to engage in activities that can elevate our spirit… JUMP will re-ignite that inner fun-loving sense that we all have.”

“JUMP is also inevitably about space, human interaction and motion. How we move and how we give room to others to express themselves are key features of the work. When not populated, JUMP is nothing more than a white platform, but once it is used it comes to life. As an artist, my focus is to give a space that gives permission and room to express and not really to make a grand visual or aesthetic statement, the work really is about the experience of people that use it, in that particular moment.”

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