For as long as I can remember I’ve dreamed of opening my own little arty spot in my hometown of Bournemouth.

Our friend the man Jamie James has taken some great photos so I wanted to share them.

Growing up here was pretty tough because there wasn’t much of a visual culture. Anyway with Pot Shop I’m hoping to bring a bit of inspiration in the form of 4 of my biggest loves…

  • Keith Haring
  • Great Coffee
  • Amazing instant noodles
  • And indie / style / fashion mags

Hopefully it’ll be a cool spot so chat about creative stuff and a way locals can see some of my work.

It’s a total long term work in progress, so expect me to be dropping some limited edition special arty stuff there from time to time.

Sadly the local’s got the wrong end of the stick as reported by:

LOCAL PAPER – pot noodle shop mistaken for cannabis cafe

Pot Shop is open now in the centre of bournemouth (The old Post Office, 204 – 206 Commercial Rd, Bournemouth, BH2 5NF)

More info:

Anyway, if you’re in town swing by and say hi!

Love as always

Stuart x x x 

PS what actually is hiding behind that vending machine? 

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