An exhibition celebrating queer lived experience.

Curated by Garth Gratrix  


 We are pleased to annonce that Stuart Semple’s work is featured in this group show at The Whitaker Museum in the UK. 

With: Harold Offeh, Ro Robertson, SHARP, Topher Campbell, Chester Tenneson, Jez Dolan, Derek Jarman, Rene Matić, Helen Cammock, Daniel Fountain, Sarah-Joy Ford, Garth Gratrix, Jenkin van Zyl, Trackie McLeod, Harry Clayton-Wright, Jacob Talkowski, Parham Ghalamdar, Sunil Gupta, Lothar Götz, Ally Rosenberg, Will Hughes, Rafal Zajko, Stuart Semple and Jonathan Baldock.


The Whitaker Gallery & Museum, Haslingden Rd, Rawtenstall, Rossendale BB4 6RE



(after underworld)
Vegetable dye transfer
on Saunders Waterford paper
76 x 56 cm
#StuartSemple 2022

WINK WINK is inspired by an article titled ‘Appearing Differently; Abstraction, Transgressions and Capacities‘  an article by critics David Getsy and William J Simmons.

In this, they explored the idea of ‘worlding differently’, in the context of queer lived experience and art making. Queerness can allow us to harness a myriad of experiences – familiar or unfamiliar to us. It refuses a binary definition in favour of embracing nuance subversion and expression in a variety of forms. Its perceived deviance could perhaps be acknowledged as longer-term experimentation and development.

Where are we going, what is the change we want to see in the world? It’s about not waiting for inclusion, in favour of taking up space and sharing space more widely. Can queerness act as a better kaleidoscope to look at life through than the notion of normality?


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