Saturday night was amazing! We held a Disco Unicorn Party at Lane Meyer Projects / Pon Pon.

I originally made my disco unicorn piece for a project with The Pod in coventry, where I displayed him in the Coventry Center for Contemporary Art, which was actually a shed that Bob and Roberta Smith Made. The project was called MyHappyPlace.

It was incredible to re-create it for Denver and to show some new works on paper with it.

Denver is one of the most open minded, generous and creative cities in the world. It has art right at it’s heart, and it’s heart is huge.

Thank you to everyone there, the guys at CultureHaus, Denver Art Museum, and Pon Pon / Lane Meyer. Castle, Katie, Eric, everyone at nine dot arts. All of you! And everyone else, you made me feel so welcome. Like family.

Here’s some pictures by Jason Dewitt from what was a truly special night.


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