Dancing On My Own
Stuart Semple, Selected Works 1999 – 2019
Curated by Lee Cavaliere
Bermondsey Project Space
183 – 185 Bermondsey Street
London, SE1 3UW

8 August – 7 September 2019



Stuart Semple’s work straddles the line between art and activism. A champion of causes from mental health to social justice to homelessness to hostile design, his work draws on personal trauma to challenge, help and speak to our society and its deficiencies.

This exhibition aims to navigate the winding and at times perilous road the artist’s work, and life, have taken over the last 20 years. One could say that the artist’s career began when his life ended, as he flatlined from a mysterious allergic reaction as a teenager. The months spent in hospital, the resultant fear, anxiety and feeling of being on a mortal knife edge; these each drove Semple to embark on a prolific image-making career beginning with proliferation on eBay, and spanning painting, sculpture, print, film, audio, the written
word and social activism.

You’ll see elements of this journey through the exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space; the terror and power of the medical environment; the boundless curiosity and humour that drives his practice; the dark places visited en route and the generosity of an artist whose work challenges walls, encourages dialogue and
continues to laugh in the face of death.

Lee Cavaliere, Curator

For more info visit Bermondsey project Space website: https://project-space.london/

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